Charming New Kids Room Sets For Awesome Girls

Isn’t it the right time to renew your little sweetheart’s room? We are happy to welcome the new arrival: the lovely bedroom sets from Kensington Collection by Hillsdale Furniture. This collection is a perfect balance of warmth and elegance. Your princess will enjoy the style from the very first step when entering into her renovated palace, her “royal room”.

The “all-girl” collection is built for the modern day royal and features bowed front cases with updated Queen Anne style legs and crystal hardware that adds a tasteful touch of bling, that allows nobody to stay indifferent. Nightstands with lights add special coziness when the lights in the room go down.

The special zest of the collection is the Kensington Writing Desk easily transformed in gorgeous vanity (Kensington Writing Desk with Vanity Mirror and Stool) for yet small but bright star. Let the path of study be successful and beauty easily flow: with the flawless set, it comes easy.

The Kensington Collection features flowing lines that evoke a sense of timelessness. Sophistication is evident in every youth bedroom style in this collection by Hillsdale – either bed with trundle or storage bed. Trundle bed is a great solution when another princess, her best friend, is staying over night. Royal pajama party!

The collection’s eclectic style harks back to traditional classics. Still, clean and minimalistic design leaves space for the room to be decorated according to the tastes of your young girl. Whether a dancer or a singer, painter or scientist, she will adore the furniture set for bedroom.

Looking for more ways to give your little lady’s room a lux look? Welcome to FurnitureCart! Discover more advantages and search for more inspiration and ideas, while renewing the youth bedroom.

Furniture For Coffee Lovers

For the coffee lovers, there is no other beloved place in the house but the coffee corner. No need to spend all the spare space on your countertop for the coffee machine and stuff needed for making coffee or tea. FurnitureCart team has collected the best pieces to make the spot even better and more functional. It is time for all the coffee-related paraphernalia and the coffeemaker to have a new home in your dining room.

Create a warm and welcoming feel and add counter space to your kitchen or dining room with this cottage style cupboard with hutch. Featuring a plethora of storage and display options, you’ll find room for everything. A chalkboard surface and built-in LED lighting on the hutch add a contemporary touch to the unit.

Although it is called a coffee cabinet, this handy piece can be used for just about anything. It’s a great size to provide plenty of storage. Two fixed shelves with removable baskets and one drawer, plus 1 wooden panel door with hidden fixed shelf give plenty of place to keep all your coffee beans pouches and favorite mugs set.

Not only a nice china cabinet and a coffee station, but a perfect center of attention in your room. With the simple beauty of this country styled furniture, the Santa Fe collection is sure to enhance any home’s beauty.

Modern farmhouse styling is ideal for rustic and coastal homes. Buffet features horizontal planked sliding doors and adjustable shelves. Hutch is open for the cups and boxes, and display with pockets for plate or place mat storage. Morning coffee and breakfast are fixed easily and quickly here.

We know, that you enjoy the process of making a morning cup of aromatic coffee or herbal tea, and spending the sweet moments with your homies and guests over a cup of good hot drink. With our selected furniture pieces, we are taking your coffee love to an even bigger level. Visit for more inspiration!

Who Runs The House? Pets Furniture On FurnitureCart

Honestly, many of our four-legged friends aren’t just pets. They’re a part of the family and great friends. And, why not pamper the cherished ones with their own separate furniture? Rather than invading your bed or a new leather couch, they will enjoy their own place to rest after the long walks and play with you. At least, anti-invading plan will work for some time, guaranteed. Let us give you the short guide what FurnitureCart has got for our little friends – pets furniture.

Both you and your pet are city dwellers and you love every moment spent together in this metropolis. If it is about you, then Highline Collection by Rachael Ray Home by Legacy Classic is definitely your style, as it is a reflection of the heart of New York City: bold and fresh. The dog bed from the collection has a sophisticated and refined appearance perfect for the casual contemporary homes. Comfortable and inviting, your pet will adore it from the first snooze.

Another lovely pet bed designed by Legacy Classic is from the gorgeous Upstate Collection. Made in curated style it is ideal piece for traditional and transitional houses. Dogs love it, proved time and again.

Man’s best friend will feel like a King or Queen in this stylish doggie bed. Made of cleanable and breathable, saddle-brown faux leather with brass nail head detailing and exposed hardwood frame, the Beau Pet Bed by Uttermost Furniture is both reliable and awesome.

Another awesome castle for the royal blood pets is created by Aico Furniture. Complete with cushion, pillow, drapes and hardware, it has 2 removable cushions, and a metal brass plated crown decorated with Swarovski crystal embellishment. Michael Amini’s penchant for innovation, design and “WOW” factor all come together in Grand Masterpiece Bedroom Collection, part of which is this Grand Masterpiece Dog Bed.

The Everyday Dining Room Collection allows to mix and match pieces, styles and finishes to create a perfect casual dining setting that reflects the taste. Furthermore, they had our small pals’ needs in mind, when creating. They have designed ultra-functional Everyday Pet Center, available in few colors: lift top lid with cushion, two laminate pull out trays with two metal food and water bowls for your beloved pal. It also features organizing tray with removable partitions and storage area for the best of you and your pet.

Enjoy the best for your pals and create the space every member of your family loves!

When Accent Furniture Plays The Main Role

Accent furniture is supposed to stand out, as it complements the room decor. Well, it is clear, as the meaning of the word ‘accent’ is emphasis. Any furniture piece called ‘accent’ goes far beyond functionality only. It is the decorative piece above all. Actually, you may not even have a lot of practical need for it, but it mostly serves as an eye-catcher, the focal point giving the zest to your room design.

How to find the right accent piece and find out whether you need it at all in your space, you might ask. The key idea is to find something that delights your eye and gives your home something extra to make a statement. We, the FurnitureCart team, are here to give you few inspirational ideas that might work well for your lovely home.

Let’s start from the easiest part. Select small accent tables, that play a big role. No matter whether an unusual design of the newly bought set or DIY upgrade to the good old occasional tables – it works great both with emphasis and function. Make a twist in your room’s design with ornaments, glass, mirror, or work on your old piece by painting or making an inlay. These tables can be used or transferred to any room of your house – from living rooms to bedrooms. Small but elegantly designed bedside table can become the star of your bedroom.

A large and imposing furniture piece can simply become an accent piece. A rich curio, armoire or china cabinet will play the main part in a room with muted furniture ensemble. If you have a kind of busy room, the accent piece should win with the striking color, that matches with what you already have in your room.

You shouldn’t forget about the medium furniture. In movies, the supporting role might be even more important that the main part. The floral and jungle themes are a hot trend this year, so why not to go in style? Accent chests and cabinets make a statement whether in a living room or dining room. Spacious bedroom cannot get along without focal dresser with special design, if chosen within the frames of overall decor scheme.

Don’t omit the entryway, it deserves your attention the same as the other rooms do. Moreover, it is the perfect place to use the accent furniture. A chest tall enough not to bow, when placing the keys or post works well here. Prefer a chest with a strong color and an interesting shape to impress from the very first step into your home.

Easy Tricks To Make It Right. Part Two

We continue giving advice how to omit the mistakes when arranging furniture in your new apartment or rearranging it in your beloved house. Last time we have included few common tricks to make the arrangement right. Missed them? No worries! Here you can read it through, right before getting to know the new tricks, we’ve got for you today. Follow FurnitureCart not to miss a thing!

💡Start Big

One of the common mistakes in decorating and furniture arrangement is in wrong starting point. Always start from the placement of the largest and the most important furniture piece in the space. For instance, if taking bedroom, bed should be placed first. Believe us, in this case you will make the most of your space. As a general rule, there are 2 choices to place it. Either against the wall opposite the  bedroom door, or along the room’s longest wall. The first position will create great view when you enter the room, the second – gives you chance to add nightstands or bedside tables. The next step is to place a dresser, as it is likely to be the second largest piece in your room. And so you go from the biggest to smallest. When you are finished with the bigger pieces you will easily see whether you’ve got enough space to place extra: a vanity set or an elegant home office set.

💡Break The Rules

On the one hand conventions are good to stick by, if you are taking the general rules and follow them, on the other – true genius inventions come when the rules are broken. Placing the rectangular or oblong dining table along the longest wall of a dining room gives it the extra space for moving around and leaves space to incorporate a buffet, sideboard or secretary. Placed closer to the middle of the space, the dining room set will snap off the room, and leave space for little else.

💡 Think Function-Wise

Comfort keeps pace with the functionality. While designing living space on your own, don’t forget to make it as handy as possible. Think about what you’ll be doing as you use the furniture. If the side table or coffee table  is out of reach of the seats, then you have to think about convenience first.

💡 Balance Right

Locating key furniture pieces in one corner is another common mistake, bringing visual disbalance and reducing the feeling of comfort and serenity. Achieving balance doesn’t mean you have to go totally symmetrical. If in a living room, the classic solution is to pair a loveseat with two accent chairs at the opposite side. Or ‘divide and govern’ by establishing furniture islands as we have advised in our previous post on Easy Tricks To Make It Right.

New Arrivals: Gorgeous Bedroom Style by Vaughan-Bassett Furniture

We are proud to introduce new bedroom sets by Vaughan-Bassett Furniture in our online store Furniturecart. Whether you’d like to refresh or remodel your bedroom, we are pretty sure you will be inspired with bedroom ideas by Vaughan-Bassett. Explore many styles, beautiful finishes, and find the bedroom furniture that fits your decorating style and brings you true relaxation much needed due to this room function. Get inspired with the gorgeous sets!

Few words about the manufacturer: Vaughan-Bassett Furniture manufacturer takes pride in bringing the well-crafted furniture at affordable prices. Its commitment to quality has earned the respect of the customers and made the largest manufacturer of wooden adult bedroom furniture in the country. American made, beautiful Virginia House by Vaughan-Bassett furniture line is made by 700 American craftsmen. Moreover, Vaughan-Bassett is dedicated to replace every tree used to make home furnishing products.

The American Cherry Bedroom Collection is crafted from Solid American Grown Cherry. The Craftsman bed showcases vertical slats that alternate in width to add interest. The collection features include mortise and tenon construction, wood on wood glides, snag-free smooth interior drawers, and an 8 step professional finish. Pay attention to the winning design in tune with the wood finish. Pastel contemporary art in the style of Cy Twombly gives the special tone to the room decor.

Crafted by artisans in southern Virginia, Rustic Hills is an oversized traditional bedroom collection. The set is made of solid hardwoods and pine veneers. All case pieces feature serpentine shaped tops, drawer fronts, and base rails. They have wide chamfered pilasters, and each drawer front is adorned with traditional ring pulls.

The American Maple Bedroom Collection is crafted from Solid American Grown Maple. Inspired by elements of both farmhouse and cottage style that offers a relaxed traditional feel that will fit comfortably in any home. Features include mortise and tenon construction, maple wood on wood glides, snag-free smooth interior drawers, and an 8 step professional finish. American Maple utilizes three correlating types of case hardware that work seamlessly with one another. The combination of bar pulls, knobs and cardholder bin pulls gives the cases an updated electric style for a unique bedroom to be in your house.

The Sedgwick Bedroom Collection by Artisan & Post by Vaughan-Bassett is proudly made in America by more than 600 artisans working in the Virginia mountains.

Hopefully we have inspired you for the new challenge of recreating your bedroom. You are welcome to discover even more brand new bedroom sets by the reliable manufacturer at!


Is Mother’s Day More Important Than Father’s Day For Americans?

For all of the shoppers for gifts for the Father’s Day, whether getting ready well in advance or making last-minute quick decisions, we have collected few facts on shopping habits for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. And, have prepared few last-minute ideas how to make the Father’s Day special for your special parent.

There’s still time to treat your dad right for a holiday, as the day comes on the third Sunday in June, the 17th. Back to history, it was Richard Nixon who declared it to be a national holiday in 1972. Mother’s Day has been declared 58 years earlier by the U.S. congress. It was in 1914 to be exact.

Are you going to come up to your Dad’s house and celebrate the day over the lunch or glass of wine/beer watching the game?

Needless to say, nowadays Americans spend billions to show their appreciation for both of the parents. Believe it or not, but still numerous surveys and analytical findings prove that more time and efforts are dedicated to Mom’s day, if compared to the special holiday for dads. Nevertheless, dads are treated on the occasion. From small gestures to more important and expensive presents, the children of any age are trying their best to do it.

To sum up the analytical results, Mother’s Day is mostly marked with the bunches of flowers and special dinners out. And, Dad’s Day gifts are pretty versatile: from an outing for a sport event or dinner to electronics and clothing, with the bigger gifts of home improvement items and furniture pieces to sporting goods. Still, as ‘figures speak’, the most frequently bought present for dad is a gift card.

Well, but is there a reason to stay traditional every single year? Dive into other ideas making this year special for the Dad of yours! Moreover, if you know what exactly your father prefers and what his hobbies, goals and dreams are – it’s just the right time to make that special gift! Whether a game table set for his having a good entertainment night with pals, or a comfortable soft recliner to relax to the full extent, or a nice new entertainment room pieces. Why not to treat Dad as he deserves?

Just think about it, maybe your Dad urgently needs furniture rearrangement in his home office, cabinet or library. Or maybe there is something that should be added to the existing design and decoration. Believe us, every time he’s working, his eye will catch that something special you have given to him, and it will undoubtedly warm his heart and make the day he’s spending there working.

If you are living quite far and due to the pace of life you get rarely to talk, gift-card-preference is an option. Or, you can shop online at for the special present together with your Dad. Double benefit – you get to choose something that Father really likes and needs, and you do it together. Make all the best for celebrating dads from coast to coast! With Furniture Cart it is the best celebration.

Easy Tricks To Make It Right. Part One

Today FurnitureCart team starts the decorating tips and advice series of articles to help our readers omit the mistakes when rearranging furniture.

The series is good for those, who:

– bought awesome pieces of furniture, but still feel something is wrong;

– don’t feel comfortable enough in the living space;

– don’t like the layout and want it to be successful both for homies and guests;

– would like to know few easy tricks to fix the possible mistakes made when rearranging.

💡Get ‘off-the-wall’

Surely, the living room might become bigger if all the furniture is pushed to the walls. But, it is a communication space, so if you are shouting to have a conversation, it is the hint to start rethinking your living room layout. Move the sofa closer to the middle and create the chat-island pairing it with couple of comfortable chairs or a loveseat. Be sure to make a focal and functional spot in the middle with the coffee or cocktail table or an ottoman transforming into it.

💡Less is more

Don’t overwhelm the small spaces with a lot of furniture pieces. Try to find a good solution by multifunctional items. Kitchen islands and home bars can easily substitute the fully-featured dining room set for the small rooms and little company. Or, say, a good loveseat together with one or two poufs work great as a conversation area for the small living room or studio.

💡Divide and govern

Another challenge is to deal with the large and open rooms. In this case you have to establish separate zones. For example, you might like an idea of having a seating zone for conversations as one area, and another area as working space (with a table or desk for paperwork, hobby or art projects and homework). If you need more entertainment in your house – make a soft zone for TV-watching (with a nice comfortable sofa or theater seating) and a bar zone. Set your room strict according to your needs to feel as comfortable as possible.

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Feng Shui Bedroom

The focal and main point of your bedroom is undoubtedly bed. So, to make a decision where to place it right within the borders of the room is most common challenge one faces when setting up home. The challenge becomes even more exciting if you are setting up your home with the right feng shui energy flows. Let the FurnitureCart team help you with a few valuable advice.

You may know that you should not align the bed with the door. What does it actually mean? When your feet are in line with the door, you simply lose your energy at night, and as the classic feng shui says, your personal energy gets weaker. Doors are believed to be the connectors, and through the doors the energies are pulled from one area to another. So, if your feet are pointing at any door in room, either the main one, or the bathroom door and even balcony door, it is high time to cure the energy loss and do something with the bed position.

The first remedy for bedroom is to move the bed off that line. Still, if it’s impossible, another solution is to block the leak of energy by a tall and solid footboard. If you love your platform bed, and it has no or low footboard, there is another way to solve it: place a piece of furniture between the bed and the door. An upholstered bench or a small dresser with a solid back, – just a couple of ideas for your imagination flow.

The door is just the beginning! Another thing is about the mirror: mirror facing the bed and reflecting your body while you are sleeping is no good. The reason is in the fact that it depletes or exhausts your energy instead of rebuilding it during night hours. Solution is in moving the mirror or changing its angle. If it’s ‘not in your cards’ – cover the mirror with any decor for a night time (curtains, for instance).

Avoid any heavy items hanging over your bed (like chandelier or ceiling fan). Why? It creates heavy and oppressive energy. If there is no possibility to move the bed, or say, there is a huge ceiling beam overhead that can’t be removed – use an easy and light canopy to be protected.

Moreover, if you have a bedroom with a sloped ceiling, you better move your bed so that the head is under the highest point of the ceiling. The very sloped parts apply pressure to your energy, leading to health problems and depressed feelings.

If your bed is placed under a window, to keep the energy flows right add a solid headboard or use heavy window curtains or blinds to cover the window. From the other side, positioning bed closer to the bedroom door is not a good solution either. The wall containing the door means a bed is open to a rush of active energy. In this case, create a barrier that helps to be defended from the harsh energy rushing in.

Avoid sharp objects and corners, decorative arms pointed at your body while you sleep. Soften your bedroom as much as you can allow, with fabric, throws and pillows, flowers and plants, or another soft object.

A bed placed against the wall restricts the energy flow. Furthermore, if you share it with your partner, it brings an imbalance in the relationship. It is better to pull the bed away from the wall for a clear access from both sides, and balance it right with the nightstands from both sides. For small living spaces – centre the bed for equal space from both sides, no matter how small it is.