5 Fancy Bar Carts to Furnish Every Chic Party

An irreplaceable furniture piece for parties and chill out throughout the year and for every room in your house: the bar carts are becoming a stylish part of the up-to-date homes. Only this kind of bar can easily follow you and your guests wherever you would like to have a party – from the home theatre room to living room and outdoor patio. You can serve your guests with the drinks and snacks, while keeping necessary things like tissues and ice at hand.

Nowadays it is not only the handy thing to have, but the perfect item to express the high style of your home decor. FurnitureCart has a few ideas to get with the trends of the modern world.

For those in love with the industrial style, Samuel Lawrence Furniture has created the rolling cart in a famous pub style. Simply load the cart up with everything you need for a party and transport to the location you’ve chosen. Once you are there, lock the wheels and everything’s under control now! The contrast of the industrial dark metal with the blonde finished veneers makes it an awesome piece for the loft-style spaces, men caves and contemporary minimalistic houses.

Touch of retro in your urban New York apartment – it’s about Rachael Ray Home by Legacy Classic. Soft gold-toned metal completes the look of the functional piece you will enjoy using in your home. Whether you’d like to have a Sunday brunch on your roof terrace or simply take the cocktails with you to your home cinema theatre – the Soho Bar Cart is always by your side.

Need anything completely different to fit your sophisticated style? Go for the Modern Dining Room Collection by Universal Furniture. The X-style metal bar cart is sophisticated, clean and simple, bold and a bit daring. The style honors its roots in Modernism, but has been adapted for today’s life and activities, in action and rest. Being focused on livability and usability, it is made comfortable enough for everyday needs.

A lot more friends to come to a party – take advantage of the bar cart by Cramco. There will be so much to be pleased about with this piece in your home. With tempered flat polished edge glass top, chrome finish guards and tubes, it provides an easy mobility with heavy duty locking casters.

Breakfast in bed? No prob! With Pulaski Furniture, everything’s possible. Set on casters and boasting three shelves, the bar cart created by Pulaski is both multifunctional and mobile. Its stunning antiqued mirror top shelf adds a touch of glamour to its industrial vibe and lifts off, transforming into a tray for dual function. Its simple form makes this piece full of endless possibilities – bar or kitchen cart, nightstand, bathroom storage – it will always provide use to your home.

Lights Up! 4 Ideas To Shed Light On Your Dark Rooms

The home seems to be a little dark. But you do like the way the furniture is arranged and do not want to change the house decor completely. Familiar situation? Then lighten it up with our few simple tricks! Make your home brighter and welcoming without changing a lot.

First and crucial, ever-winning idea is about the mirrors. Create the fresh look with the space-expanding and light-reflecting pieces. Place it at any wall (despite the one with the window) to let your room get lit. It is not necessary to place huge mirrors, but medium-sized (dresser mirrors) or sculptural ones, which double as wall art. A nice full-length mirror in a bedroom is a great accessory and a hot trend, by the way.

Second – window-treatment! Forget about the heavy dark curtains and take advantage of any natural light available at your house. If still privacy is an issue and you need those curtains to keep you hidden from the world outside – then let the curtains bring the splash of bright color to your place or choose the creamy or light-blue colored drapes.

White decorative items, splashes of bright-colored spots and glass accessories will keep reflecting the available lights. Make a focal point at one or all of the occasional tables, dresser, in the glass curio or open shelves. That counts as an idea No.3!

And, finally, in the fourth place (but still not least): take care of the evening lights. Use lamp set to add few more evening lights in the dark room. Furnish a living room conversation nook with the couple of accent chairs and a floor lamp or an end table with a lamp. Use clear and transparent ceiling lamps, pendant lighting, wall sconces. Give pride of place to chandelier with an elegant glassware if used for a formal dining room. Find few more awesome ideas on dining room furniture arrangement.

Get inspired with our gallery and shed some light on your home, let it shine and bring spring bliss to your heart and mind. 🌸 Stay inspired with FurnitureCart!

5 Bedroom Essentials

Did you know that we spend one third of our lives sleeping? Sleep is a precious and very important essential for well-being and health. No wonder that bedroom is considered the most important room in your home, being a sanctuary and a relaxation spot. We start and finish every day in our bedroom. And the perfect bedroom island is easy to create. How to make it right? You have to keep few essentials in mind!The first and the topmost task is to find the bed and place it within your room limits the best you can. You can choose bed type you prefer from the vast variety of beds available – sleigh or poster, panel or canopy bed and many more. Do not try to buy as big bed as the room can fit, your bedroom has to have few more functional pieces of furniture to keep it comfy and cosy for you. Significance is in having a style you like, in comfortable mattress, good reliable frame, enough space to relax and dive into a good sleep. Bed sizes vary from Queen to California King, keep it in frames of your room and preferences.

Further still, it is not only about the comfortable bed what makes it “your” place. To build the right nook you will need few more things:Nightstands! They are supposed to enhance the decor of bedroom, but they are definitely more about function. The good bedside nightstand should provide ample surface space and storage, to keep the night lamp on or your phone and book close to you. Once in a while you’d love to read couple of pages before turning the night lamp off, or drop a sweet message to beloved ones before falling asleep. Having grounding and balanced energy on both sides of the huge bed you have to have two nightstands at the both sides of the bed, of course. Moreover, nightstand usually has one or more drawers to keep few things stored inside.Bed Bench is another versatile essential worth having at the footboard of your bed. A great way to add an extra seating, stylish accent and a little extra as a storage for magazines, robes, purse.Full-length mirror will help not only to choose the stunning dress and matching shoes for the coming cocktail party, but also will become an accent in décor and visually broaden the space and reflect more light into the room. Considering that it’s undoubtedly in trend now – it’s a must!Extra blankets, bedding, accessories, plaids, pillows and throw blankets are more for adding a stylish touch and extra comfort, but still one of those essentials keeping the harmony in your interior design. You might prefer changing the color, fabric and texture when seasons change, it will be there to keep it varied and always “fresh”.

Follow our blog, we promise to keep on giving furniture arrangement advice and best design tips about bedrooms and not only. Many more is to come with Furniture Cart!

Tips for the Best Dresser Choice

What is a dresser in your room? Undoubtedly, it is not only the functional chest of drawers to store your socks and hoodies, lingerie and pajamas. It is one of the major parts in your overall room decorating, reflecting your design ideas, the look that you adore and that inspires you when entering your room. Still with no loss of functionality! Thus, to find the right piece for your personal room, studio apartment, spacious bedroom or a cubicle, making budget meet style desires, it deserves a better care than only ‘˜one click’.


First measure the space the dresser will occupy. Think of the place available for this furniture piece and where you’d like it to go, find several options and choose the right one. The space available for it will give you an idea of the shape and size of the dresser appropriate for your room. Keep the width, height and depth written, so it won’t slip out of mind, when you are swept by the style and options available online at Furniture Cart.

When measuring, take precise attention to few things around the space available for your dresser:

  • Make sure you have enough clearance and it is not too close to the bed, any other furnishings, or the door of your room (when closed or opened)
  • Check if there’s room to open the drawers easily with enough space to take out the stuff you need from it
  • If you are planning to put it under the window, mirror or the wall art piece, pay attention to the height of the dresser.

A dresser fits the best at the plain wall, allowing you to hang a mirror or a decorative piece above it. We don’t recommend placing a dresser with a corner sticking out on your way to bathroom or entrance to the room to avoid any kind of traumas when being in a hurry or making your way to the bathroom in the dark.

Consider your storage needs and put attention to the quantity, shapes of drawers and shelves available. Decide what stuff you are going to keep in your chest. If it comes only to lingerie and sweaters, you will have to look for different sized drawers and available shelves only. However, if you want to keep a lot more versatile things, like jewelry and clothes, then you’ll have to look for more options available by manufacturers.

The practical considerations of measurements and storage assess will help you narrow down your options. Afterwards you are welcome to make a decision on the style, color and design within the budget available and in the frames of the measurements and storage needs.

Rug Buying Guide: Construction Types

The most prestigious, well-known rug construction and best seller at FurnitureCart is hand-knotted rugs. They are the most expensive and have highest quality due to the labor intensive process and quality of fiber. However, the majority of business done in the rug industry nowadays is with less expensive constructions and most people are interested in other construction types that are within their budget.


Common Construction Types:

1. Hand – Knotted

Hand-knotting is the most intricate, labor-intensive rug weaving process in use today. The quality of a hand-knotted carpet is determined by the number of knots per square inch. Higher knots mean better quality. A complex pattern can require very dense knotting and it can take a long time to produce. An average weaver can tie about 3,000 knots per day.

A weaver sits behind a loom and hand ties individual knots onto the vertical strings seen on the backside of a rug.

The back of hand-knotted rugs shows individual knots and the overall design and colors of the rug’s surface.

Durability: Longest lasting. Good ones will last 10-25 years. Great ones can last 100+ years.
Shedding: Shed less than a typical hand tufted rug.

2. Hand – Tufted

A hand-tufted rug is made by punching strands of wool into a canvas which is stretched on a frame or with help of a hand-operated tool. After piling with wool, the rug is removed from the frame and a scrim fabric is glued to the back, while a fringe is added by either sewing on or gluing.

A nearly unlimited variety of patterns, colors, and textures can be used in a hand-tufted rug.

A canvas backing is applied to hand-tufted rugs with an adhesive to hold the yarns together.

Durability: Lasts 3-10 years depending on use.
Shedding: They will shed, but this will subside over time. Shedding usually depends on the quality of wool used, and density of the rug. Cheaper hand tufted rugs will shed more than higher-end hand tufted rugs.
Manufacturing Time: 4-5 months

3. Hand – Hooked

Hand-hooked rugs go through the same process. Tufted rugs have a cut pile surface while hooked rugs have a looped (rounded) pile surface. Rug making is now combining both cut and loop techniques.

Hooked rugs are made by tufting loops of yarn or fabric through a stiff woven base such as burlap, linen, or rug warp which has been stretched over a frame. The design is printed on the base fabric, and the loops of yarn are pushed through the fabric (similar to the process for hand-tufting).

A nearly unlimited variety of patterns, colors, and textures can be used in a hand-hooked rug.

Larger looped rugs create a plush, heavily textured rug while smaller loops allow for greater detail in pattern and interesting texture.

Durability: Lasts 3-10 years depending on use.
Shedding: Will shed less than hand tufted rugs, but this will subside over time.

4. Hand – Loomed Shag

Hand-loomed shag rugs are handmade on a hand-operated looms with hundreds of plush, twisted, and slightly felted yarn. A team of weavers use a long steel rod and shoot the fiber across the vertical strings that run the lengths of the rug. Fiber can be as long as 6 inch.

Durability: Lasts 2-8 years depending on use.
Shedding (wool): Moderate shedding for an extended period of time. Shedding will subside over a long period of time.
Shedding (polyester): Minimal shedding
Manufacturing Time: 4-5 months

5. Hand – Loomed Flat Weave

Flat weave rugs are woven on a loom, rather than knotted. These products are made of cotton or wool, flat woven on a loom, ensuring a truly hand-crafted all-natural product. They tend to be much thinner than knotted rugs, making them generally less insulating. The thinness of the rug can be an advantage as it makes it highly versatile.

Durability: Lasts 3-10 years depending on use.
Shedding: Moderate, but subsides over time.
Reversible: Can extend life by flipping the rug.

6. Hand – Loomed Wool

Hand-Loomed rugs are handmade on a hand-operated looms using different types of yarn. A team of weavers use a long steel rod and shoots the fiber across the vertical strings that run the lengths of the rug. In this construction, rugs can be all cut pile, cut and loop pile or all loop pile. Rugs are also hand-carved to see more texture and design.

Durability: Lasts 2-8 years depending on use.
Shedding: Moderate, but will subside over time. Shedding usually depends on the quality of wool used, and the density of the rug. Cheaper hand loomed rugs will shed more than higher end hand tufted rugs.


7. Machine – Made

Large machines have hundreds of spindles of fiber that are mechanically woven into a thin mess backing. The machine would run continuously to maximize efficiency. A computer dictates the pattern so there is little chance of error.

Common fibers in machine-made rugs include synthetic yarns like polyester, polypropylene, and nylon.

Like hand-knotted rugs, you can see the design/colors on the back of a machine-made rug, but has coarse latex backing that secures it in place.

Durability: Lasts 2-6 years depending on use.
Shedding: Machine-made polyester rugs will not shed. Since most are made from synthetic fibers, the pile will crush with heavy traffic.

8. Braided

The fibers are braided together by hand or machine to create a rope. The rope is then sewn together with machines to create the actual rug.

Durability: Lasts 3-10 years depending on use.
Shedding: They will shed, but this will subside over time.
Reversible: Can extend life by flipping the rug.

9. Outdoor

Rugs are made completely of synthetic fibers for outdoor use. They are mold and mildew-proof and the fibers are infused with UV inhibitors to prevent the fading. These rugs can withstand up to 300 hours of direct sunlight.

Durability: Lasts 1-5 years in outdoor use and 2-8 on indoor use. Leaving the rugs in direct sunlight will severely limit the life of the rug. Leaving them in standing water will severally limit the life of a rug.
Shedding: None
Manufacturing Time: 3-4 months

Rugs may have a history rooted in ancient times, but modern advancements in technology have introduced new construction types. Due to these recent advancements, rugs have become more affordable, fashionable, and complex in texture, design and color.
Rugs and accessories tie a room together visually, so browse our online catalog to find the rugs that will fit the color scheme and the style of your room.

With help from Surya Rugs.

Rug Buying Guide: Fibers and Fiber Types

The type of fiber used in a rug is one of the most important variables to consider when shopping for a rug at FurnitureCart. Also, it is important to understand that the most expensive fibers, New Zealand wool for example, aren’t always the best choice – it depends on the needs of the end consumer. If a customer is wary of high foot traffic or messy stains from children, then a more resilient fiber like polypropylene or cotton is possibly the better choice. Understanding the fiber types on the following chart will help make the best decision.

Jaipur Rugs at FurnitureCart



  • Natural, soft fiber
  • Sometimes used as thread for the base of a rug
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Natural fiber, stems from the agave plant. The strongest and hardest wearing natural plant fiber used in rug making
  • Highly sustainable
  • Does not attract dust and is static free. It stains easily and is recommended for use in dry areas


  • Shiny, vegetable fiber. Highly textured, soft and durable
  • One of the most affordable fibers
  • Second to cotton as the most produced vegetable fiber
  • Low thermal conduction, and anti-static make it a popular choice. It stains easily and is recommended for use in dry areas


  • The most commonly used natural fiber in rug production. Made from sheep’s fleece, wool resists stains, repels moisture and retains its appearance. The most commonly used fiber in handmade rugs
  • Fiber diameter is the single most important wool characteristic, determining price and quality
  • Wool rugs will shed initially, but subsides over time


  • Silk is a natural fiber made from silkworm cocoons and is often used as a design accent in rugs
  • Delicate with luminous sheen
  • Takes color beautifully


  • A durable natural plant fiber
  • It stains easily and is recommended for use in dry areas


  • A strong, durable natural plant fiber
  • It stains easily and is recommended for use in dry areas

Rug Types


Moderately priced
Durable, although not as strong as other synthetics
Most commonly blended with other fibers like polyester (poly-acrylic blend)

Very affordable
Easy to maintain and highly durable
A petroleum-based textile made from propylene and ethylene gases
Strong, fast-drying, colorfast. Resist moisture, abrasions, mildew, soil and stains
Low-density fiber make it lightweight

Synthetic, “shiny” fiber typically made from viscose/rayon or a natural fiber using mercerized cotton
Commonly referred to as artificial silk
Viscose is used as an accent, adding shimmer to dense pile construction

Very affordable
Wears well and feels very soft, especially when used for rugs with a thick pile
Moisture, stain, and abrasion resistant
Retain color over time, easy to clean

Petroleum-based fiber
Durable, soil-resistant, easy to clean
Nylon yarn can be solution dyed, skein-dyed or space-dyed

The color scheme of your room

When searching for a rug, there is also color in mind. These are primarily determined by their paint color and the colors in their upholstery. Rug’s don’t necessarily need to exactly match the key elements in the room, but they should flow together. For example, a solid red rug should not be paired with a solid red sofa. A similar shade of red should be an accent color in the rug. Just in case they need more help in general, here are a few items to point out:

  • A warm color scheme creates an energetic space. Ideal for dining rooms, entry ways, and exercise rooms. Suggested colors: Red, Rust, Gold, Yellow.
  • A cool color scheme makes a room feel relaxed, perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries. Suggested colors: Blue, Green, Lavender, Grey.

Rugs may have a history rooted in ancient times, but modern advancements in technology have introduced an array of new fiber types. Due to these recent advancements, rugs have become more affordable, fashionable, and complex in texture, design and color.
Rugs and accessories tie a room together visually, so browse our online catalog to find the rugs that will fit the color scheme and the style of your room.

With help from Loloi Rugs and Surya Rugs.

Ashley Sleep Mattresses – eco-friendly, safe, supportive and comfortable sleep!

Never before have we had so little sleep – or been so eager to get a little more! Stress, sleep apnea, sleeping pill prescriptions are today’s new realities! Today a healthier, more comfortable sleep is within reach with the new line of Ashley Sleep Foam and Latex Mattresses at FurnitureCart.com; they both feature the latest in sleep innovation, as well as comfort, support, and durability.

Explore the facts behind Ashley Sleep Innovations:

Reduced over-heating
Cool and temperature correct, Ashley Sleep Technology utilizes ventilated memory foam and Tencel, a wood pulp-based product that dissipates heat, so you never have to worry about that uncomfortable “hot bed” feel.
Consider: Lisbon 14 inch Latex Mattress – Provides unsurpassed comfort and support that is ideal for deep restorative sleep.

Reduced tossing and turning
A zoned lumbar support (Torsotec), contours to the shape of your body, providing superior support and reducing pressure points that cause discomfort, excessive movement and interrupted REM cycle! Proper body alignment is the key to avoiding bothersome tossing and turning.
Consider: Bonaire 12 inch Latex Mattress – Features active support characteristics of latex to ensure a peaceful and relaxing night sleep coupled with a natural ability to be temperature constant.

Reduced chemical smells
Adding natural ingredients, such as green tea extract (Active Fresh), reduces unpleasant, distracting or irritating odors, including that ‘new foam’ smell. Ashley also adds Active Charcoal to the foam to reduce odors and also absorb ambient moisture. Fresh air leads to a great night’s rest from day one.
Consider: Avalon 10 inch Latex Mattress – Provides a perfect combination of comfort and support from the top down which flawlessly creates your ideal sleep environment.

Reduced carbon footprint
Less petroleum in Ashley Sleep foam and compressed packaging before shipping lessens impact on the planet. You don’t have to sacrifice your eco-friendly values for a comfortable sleep on a memory foam mattress. With sleep technology from Ashley, you can choose a product that’s good for you and good for Planet Earth.
Consider: Ellis Bay 15 inch Memory Foam Mattress – dream away on deepest and most luxurious layers of comfort, pressure relief and temperature correct mattress.

Ashley Sleep Mattresses are designed to give customers the ultimate in eco-friendly, safe, supportive and comfortable sleep.

Did you purchase AshleySleep Mattress? Let other shoppers know about your experience! Post a Product Review on FurnitureCart Reviews Page!