The sweeping influence of the visually stunning French Rococo design flourishes to dramatic life in the Chateau Beauvais Collection by Michael Amini, bringing with it a sense of elegance that was once only seen in the castles of nobility. “Rococo” comes from French word, rocaille (shellwork), and Italian barocco, or Baroque style, used at first as a term of abuse for an outmoded style. Rococo emphasized pastel colors, sinuous curves, and patterns based on flowers, vines, and shells. Classical elements gave way to fantastic mythical beings, frolicking Chinese figures and playful animals. Flowers and plants were used to emphasize sinuous lines which tended more and more towards the asymmetrical.
The bedroom group showcases a mansion bed with unique pillowed wood headboard and footboard, and dresser with bombe styling.

Chateau-Beauvais-BedroomWith signature pierced carvings; intricate inlaid marquetry with a botanical feel; and bombe shaping, Chateau Beauvais boasts details that impress even the most discerning tastes. Finished in a unique duo-tone finish named Noble Bark, Chateau Beauvais evokes images of French flair. Rococo furniture took on a role of comfort and versatility, and Chateau Beauvais follows the example. Throughout the collection, the accent furniture pieces can be moved from room to room, seamlessly blending into the decor. As well, each piece has been carefully designed for maximum comfort.
The dining room boasts a trestle base rectangular dining table that can extend for any occasion, and detailed marquetry with a botanical feel.

Chateau-Beauvais-Dining-RoomThe upholstery features multiple fabrics mixed with metallic leather, and includes several unique pieces including a sweetheart chaise. The gentle inverted shape of the sofa compliments the carved wood and glass oval cocktail table.

Chateau-Beauvais-Living-RoomLike its predecessors, this Rococo styling contains lighter elements, with plenty of curves, and natural, intricate patterns. It is scaled and proportioned to suit any home with impressive elegance. Decorate your home in elegant and delicate manner with Chateau Beauvais Collection by Aico Furniture. Chateau Beauvais will warm the heart, as it makes an unmistakable statement of presence.

Original Home Designs from the Michael Amini Signature Series are designed and built for the ages. With minimal care and maintenance, your investment will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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