For all of the shoppers for gifts for the Father’s Day, whether getting ready well in advance or making last-minute quick decisions, we have collected few facts on shopping habits for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. And, have prepared few last-minute ideas how to make the Father’s Day special for your special parent.

There’s still time to treat your dad right for a holiday, as the day comes on the third Sunday in June, the 17th. Back to history, it was Richard Nixon who declared it to be a national holiday in 1972. Mother’s Day has been declared 58 years earlier by the U.S. congress. It was in 1914 to be exact.

Are you going to come up to your Dad’s house and celebrate the day over the lunch or glass of wine/beer watching the game?

Needless to say, nowadays Americans spend billions to show their appreciation for both of the parents. Believe it or not, but still numerous surveys and analytical findings prove that more time and efforts are dedicated to Mom’s day, if compared to the special holiday for dads. Nevertheless, dads are treated on the occasion. From small gestures to more important and expensive presents, the children of any age are trying their best to do it.

To sum up the analytical results, Mother’s Day is mostly marked with the bunches of flowers and special dinners out. And, Dad’s Day gifts are pretty versatile: from an outing for a sport event or dinner to electronics and clothing, with the bigger gifts of home improvement items and furniture pieces to sporting goods. Still, as ‘figures speak’, the most frequently bought present for dad is a gift card.

Well, but is there a reason to stay traditional every single year? Dive into other ideas making this year special for the Dad of yours! Moreover, if you know what exactly your father prefers and what his hobbies, goals and dreams are – it’s just the right time to make that special gift! Whether a game table set for his having a good entertainment night with pals, or a comfortable soft recliner to relax to the full extent, or a nice new entertainment room pieces. Why not to treat Dad as he deserves?

Just think about it, maybe your Dad urgently needs furniture rearrangement in his home office, cabinet or library. Or maybe there is something that should be added to the existing design and decoration. Believe us, every time he’s working, his eye will catch that something special you have given to him, and it will undoubtedly warm his heart and make the day he’s spending there working.

If you are living quite far and due to the pace of life you get rarely to talk, gift-card-preference is an option. Or, you can shop online at for the special present together with your Dad. Double benefit – you get to choose something that Father really likes and needs, and you do it together. Make all the best for celebrating dads from coast to coast! With Furniture Cart it is the best celebration.

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