FurnitureCart is proud to announce the new arrivals by AICO Furniture brand. The duet of incredibly talented persons – Michael Amini and Jane Seymour – has come up with the distinctive collections, each with the character and unique flair.

Today we are speaking of the persons behind the brand, and we’d like to draw your attention to only the few of the “pearls”, created by them.

Covering a wide selection of styles, the designers duet is believed to be the first introducing Hollywood Glam lifestyle to the furniture design market. The trend has grown wide and still is in vogue, proudly presented by a range of furniture manufacturers and in many of the houses and homes in the USA and around the world.

Over the past nine years of collaboration with the Company’s CEO Michael Amini, Jane Seymour has already become a part of the AICO family. Other than being an actress, she is a gifted interior and furniture designer.

Being interested in interior all her life, she used to decorate her own bedroom. From DIY tricks in her first house to creating the typical English house, when moved to Hollywood, Jane always felt like she is ready and willing to create even more.

Speaking about Michael, he had a long way before finally becoming a furniture designer. Gaining degree in electrical engineering, he later found out to be interested in clothing and shoe design. After trying other things, he ended up being employed by a furniture company. Within a short period of time, he knew it was the deal of a lifetime – he is definitely passionate about designing furniture.

What is the key to the long-term success? Actually, Jane and Michael have noticed that glam category continues driving good volumes for the company, so they found an opportunity to expand AICO brand variety with new brand that has it all: a modern feel, elegance and chic styling. Moreover, the key idea was to make it affordable in the marketplace.

As a result, appeared the furniture for both traditionalists and contemporary devotees. Earlier this year, Michael and Jane have presented the new direction and chapter of their work together. “The style takes us into a new era of brand-conscious, lifestyle-oriented consumers”, as Martin Ploy, president of AICO Furniture reported in spring this year.

From dining room sets and bedrooms to living rooms, designed by Amini and Seymour, it is the lifestyle to be experienced and the home to be adored.

We easily believe, that we will see and enjoy even more brilliant ideas and unique products designed by these two personalities. Truly cherished house and home comes with the comfort and unique style, the heart and soul of the personalities behind it.

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