Living in small spaces has become the growing trend in American housing markets nowadays. Bustling big city life demands to choose from 2 options – whether to economize on time and effort and live in the heart of metropolis or to queue in the endless rush-hour congestions to get home.

From the conscientious attitude towards the environment, loft apartments, studios and small spaces for living have been more popular by far. It might seem to be antithetical to tradition of spacious homes, still the minimalist lifestyle is gaining popularity.

Therefore, furniture manufacturers and designers faced a challenge to provide solutions to meet the growing trend. And we, the FurnitureCart team, have collected few smart ideas to save comfort and beauty of your small space yet fill it with the necessary stuff.

Search for the handy storage bedroom furniture first, but stay away from making the place too crowded. No worries, we still keep in mind that minimalism-living adds nothing, so we are subtracting – no extra drawers in bed, you simply lift the platform and hide extra stuff inside. Simple!

There’s nothing better than a bunk bed to keep wide open space in a kids room. While choosing the right bunk or loft bed for the children, take into consideration the ladder: it is better to pick the one with the fixed position, complying one line, rather than having the one designed in ‘slide’ manner. The ladder in this set by Hillsdale Furniture can be successfully positioned on either the right or left side of the front rail.

The functional design of the loft bedroom set by Acme Furniture offers plenty of space for study and storage options. Simple and minimalism-styled it offers opportunity to personalize the interior of the child’s room. Definitely designed to save space!

Rounded and airy furniture fits harmoniously into the ensemble of the big city apartment living. Opt for casual dining room sets rather than formal dining sets, and for counter height table sets. The dining table height in this set adjusts from 30 to 36 inches.

Sleeper sofa is one of the brilliant ideas for apartment living. Pullout queen memory foam mattress is an added comfort for overnight for guests. Whether not in use, the ‘bed’ is easily converted back into shipshape sofa.

Looking for even more smart ideas and solutions for a small apartment living? Don’t hesitate to discover more in our Small Space Styling Tips!

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