Well in advance before the Christmas fuss started, we are here to catch your attention with the hot trends for the coming 2019 year. Don’t miss a chance to add few touches to make your house look on-trend and hot. From geometric patterns to blush-colored pieces and intricate metal details, natural stone, you will definitely fall in love with all or any of these ideas. We followed the industry tastemakers and top designers for some advice and guidance and are ready to share it with you today. Follow FurnitureCart and don’t miss a thing!

Overcozy Bed

The coming year will be the triumph of the bed coziness. Top designers are emphasizing that the womb-like bed is at the high tide. World is overwhelmed with information, and the life tempo is sometimes crazy, and it makes us feel the need for protection and rejuvenation when we are at home, in our main shelter – bedroom. Upholstered headboards and footboards, extra essentials like bedroom bench, comfortable textiles will serve good to make you feel wrapped in a bear hug.

Seductive Curves

New is the forgotten old. Next year celebrates the 1970s rounded and curved furniture. Curvy design aesthetic is back again to our houses and homes. Whether you are not ready to rearrange totally the entire design, opt for rounded back chairs to be brought into your house scheme.

Don’t Blush

Because it is the furniture to do in 2019, as blush is taking the place of the new neutral. If the last year trend was more into emerald greens, the coming year is getting into blush palette. What colors do you have in your house decor at the moment? Blush can be successfully combined with bold colors like forest green, navy, citrine, and matches great with greys and naturals for a calming effect.

Geometry Rules

Geometric patterns are always accenting the space, attracting attention to peculiar furniture pieces and elements of decor. If the last year was more into jungle and floral patterns, the coming year welcomes geometry – over scaled and asymmetrical shapes. It applies to furniture, accessories, home decor. The only one caution – it should be used deliberately in small spaces.

Nature Is Inviting

If 2018 was, again, more into plants and floral theme, 2019 is more into minerals and natural stones. Natural materials, whether used in decor of the walls or in furniture design, are attractive and give due feeling of home. Let the natural stone be present in your home in a form of a dining table or a cocktail table. Don’t be afraid to mix and match luxury pieces with practical pieces.

Double “A”

Art deco and antique furniture pieces walk tall into the new year. Pink and blush hues match the style of art deco in a perfect way. Furniture silhouettes and fabric will be also influenced by the style. Another “A” is about the antique touches and details. If you want your room to have personality, then you are on the right way by adding due amount of antiques.

New Metal

Metals are going to be used even more than before. More intricate design than ever is welcome, artful pieces are in high demand, spruce up your room with the stylish TV console or occasional tables set. Forget about rose gold, it is omitted from the 2019 year top picks.

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