Whether building a new home for you two, or rebuilding an empty nest when your kids are out to find their own way, it’s a brand new stage in life. Take pleasure in creating your new space for two: elegant and romantic, restrained yet soulful. The place to inspire you both and fill your hearts with cosiness you deserve.

Modern and minimalist – two words designating the contemporary lifestyle in all the spheres. Furniture and interior design are no exception. Still, minimalist does not mean lacking taste and rich details. Modernist style of the Modern Collection by Universal Furniture focuses on livability and usability, making it comfortable enough for everyday.

Another great idea for romantic and sophisticated, yet simple bedroom is the State St. Bedroom Collection by AICO Furniture. Elements of the minimalist modern combine with glass, stainless steel, and acrylic providing a unique style. And, furthermore, what can be more romantic and cozier than canopy bed?

How to start rearrangement, you might ask. If you are up to total renovation, think about the room you like the most. Where do you like to spend time with your soulmate? – FurnitureCart team

Traditionally, bedroom is considered to be the “central” room in the house and home. Still, if you like more “the communication center” of your nest – the dining room – you better let this room play first fiddle in the overall style. So, it’s up to you to decide, whether breakfast in bed or breakfast together in your comfortable and warm dining space.

The Morrissey Collection by ART Furniture takes its design cues from Northern European, Art Deco, and West Indies influence, but quietly blends them together for a truly unique aesthetic. Dining room for two? The best idea to feel closer is to focus on round tables of middle size, with enough space for place setting for two. Need something extra? Highly function Morrissey Fenton Mobile Bar Server can be used in any common area of the home. Perfect as a wine storage piece or console table, the piece’s castered base allows to reposition the unit for bar or serving set up.

What happy couple’s living room dispenses with the softness of a sofa or embraces of a loveseat?

The European-inspired Ava Collection provides a wealth of style inspiration. Comfortable back of sofa, ottoman and pillows ‘beyond the pale’ – each piece creates extra comfort to be cherished. Lazy Sundays, special days and holidays are spent here by the happy two, in love, no matter what age – 30 or 60!

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