Majority of the families spend their time in the living rooms, however not all of them know how to make their living room functional and attractive. The type of furniture that adds functionality is a Living Room Sectional.
There are three basic rules we would like to point out for decorating a living room:

The first basic rule would be to define a focal point, the main thing you want to see, such as fireplace, TV or window and then place your sectional accordingly. But keep in mind, not only do you want to arrange your sectional such that it draws attention to the focal point, but you also want to create comfortable area for seating and talking.

The second point is to keep enough space between the furniture pieces so that people can get up and move around comfortably within the space.
As an illustration, consider the Pivot Point – Truffle Sectional by Ashley Furniture. The collection will fit flawlessly into any living environment. In addition to its modular functionality, it has an ample function of the reading lights and console storage along with the drop-down table.


Below are all the pieces the Pivot Point – Truffle Sectional consist of:


There are at least eight options it can be arranged, using the above pieces:


Depending on how much space there is in your living room choose one of the options above that would fit best.

Finally, after your sectional is arranged, don’t forget about area rugs and accessories, such as lamps or wall art. They can help you define the space, providing additional warmth and comfort, as well as adding beauty and style to your room. Also, consider placing an accent table next to your sectional for drinks, coffee or snacks.

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