The start of the new year – the magical time. Why not to prolong the miracles for the ones, who really deserve it? Yes, today we are going to speak about the kids’ room rearrangement and of the hot trends for this space in 2019. Let’s make a deal – we inspire you and provide a full guide on trendy ideas, and you promise to make at least couple of them real for your little ones. So, let’s start!

We have to confess, that it is one of the most difficult spaces to re-decorate and re-arrange, as kids grow and following their needs and interests could be eventually stressful. We understand your wish to surprise children with the decoration of their new room, and bring the best to the little ones with the outstanding decoration and brand new on-trend kids room sets.

First and the most important thing about bedroom for children is to determine the space and the main activities of children here: here they are playing, dreaming and enjoying their time. Still, decoration of the kids’ room in 2019 is around the main taste of the kid, everlasting trend. Customizing the room is essential for children to feel comfortable in their room, as without giving it the personal touch, it will be a cold and unwelcoming space. So, if your son likes cars, let his child’s bed be in a form of a car, if he is more into spaceships – let it be a rocket! If your daughter is fascinated by unicorns, don’t hesitate to add few rainbows, sparkles, light cotton candy hues into the room. Don’t forget to place photographs or drawings made by your child on the desk or hutch.

Speaking of the interior, 2019 is taking the kids rooms more into neutral palette. Before, it was absolutely normal to paint the children’s room in bright blue or pink, depending on the sex of the baby. Now, leave it all behind. Those colors have disappeared to make way for neutral and light tones such as beige, sand or white. Entirely white or beige might sound too boring, so add few small strokes of color in light green, yellow, blue or pink, that will give a striking touch.

2019 is emphasizing the functionality and smart design of the room. Though decoration is still important, the child’s space this year should be a comfortable, practical place that is easy to clean and maintain. FurnitureCart team recommends to invest into an expandable bed, that increases from the crib as your child grows. Smart furniture would be also more than welcomed by your child, as the world is getting “smarter” every new day, kids’ room should be keeping up. On-trend loft bedrooms and storage kids beds will help you unburden the space.

The next two are the same trends as the grown-ups have in 2019. Nature and geometry reign this year in the kids’ rooms. Natural wood here and there, a plant, natural fabrics with different patterns and textures add a touch of color and scheme to the space. Moreover, geometric shapes, repetitive patterns appearing in black or white and in brighter colors are also high trends for kids’ rooms this year.

And, finally minimalism! Yes, it is here as well! This is one of the principles that commands decoration for the recent years and it strikes this year: less is more. It is always preferable to have the over-spacious room both for adults and for children, better than overstuffing it. If you have little space – place few furniture pieces and save the space with neutral colors that will lighten and soften the place and, undoubtedly create a cozy atmosphere.

We truly hope that we did inspire you today! Though, it is not the easiest task to arrange and decorate the room for children, we hope that our advice on trends for 2019 have helped you. Follow us to get news from us on a weekly basis!

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