When speaking of up-to-date furniture or home design, it turns out to have different faces. Currently you’ll frequently hear these three when it comes to decorating, it’s either modern, minimalist or contemporary. Moreover, sometimes the notions are used interchangeably (though they are not synonyms). So, let’s try to settle the borders and rules: How to distinguish one from another?


Popular nowadays in our globalized world, the minimalist lifestyle is far bigger than a home decorating matter. The movement, in general, sets the trend in simple living, when you own just what you need, and produce less waste, keeping your home, mind and environment less cluttered. The style proves that “less is more”, and gains more and more fans while it spreads.

Focused on home decor, the main rule is the same – as much open space as you could afford in any room – bedroom, living room, dining room – keeping it limited to just one or two soft colors (gray, black and white are preferable), the furniture is usually in sleek style with surfaces left bare. Still, it does not mean boring! A few selective accessories in the same minimalist style and contrasting textures throughout the room are welcome. Opt for striped rug, or geometric pattern; clean lines are characteristic feature for the style; simple but striking accessories are “a must”.


Contemporary relates to nowadays, in any form and matter where it is used. The ideas and materials that are currently popular find their reflection in this home design. You will find a wide selection of home furnishing in contemporary section with FurnitureCart. It takes its roots in midcentury modern, but still has its own traits: it is eclectic, with modern look; as much adaptable, livable and comfortable as possible.

In furniture, it is characterized with the following: simple lines, modest in details and unfussy, neutral color palette with colorful accents, rounded and soft corners and lines, sometimes overstuffed upholstery (to add more comfort), whimsical artworks. On the contrary to the traditional style furniture, it employs no ornaments and twists in furniture design and prefers comfortable layered fabrics instead of rich ones.

Midcentury Modern

Let’s cut the sharp edges at once: it is not the new-age decor and it does not refer to futuristic trend. The Midcentury Modern is a trend which appeared around 1920s and was popular through 1950s.

And it was the first try in breaking away from the earlier traditional styles, which were mostly ornate and handcrafted. It also implements simple lines and neutral color scheme. The furniture of this style has low and long shape usually. The modern style raises furniture up on legs, usually made from metal. By this means an airy feel is gained.

To “portray” the mid-century home style: pale walls, bare wood floors, furnishing in white, brown, cream, gray and pale hues with pops of orange, green, blue, yellow and sometimes red. Before wooden furniture with upholstery in leather and linen were typical. Nowadays molded plastic, plywood, and chrome are used. Decorative pieces are minimal here, usually couple of large artworks and outstanding collectibles take the place.

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