Planning a nursery is similar to starting from a blank slate. You have a whole new canvas to create and make it not only a functional, but beautiful room! But first, emphasis on functionality! Modern designs by furniture manufacturers like Legacy Classic Kids and SmartStuff Furniture are the best choices for busy moms, and we give you our word to tell you why here. Simple and clean lines of the sets help you make the new-born’s room purely beautiful and comfortable.

Once created, it might look perfect, but when in use it might become messy. We are here to share with you just a few ideas on keeping it as well-ordered and appealing, as possible! Don’t miss a thing, FurnitureCart has got a lot to share with you! By the way, new SmartStuff features are incorporated throughout the collections, such as removable partitions in drawers to provide simple organization to help mom – and the kids – bring order to busy lives. Plus, select pieces include fun, smart teaching elements and extras, like coasters in the nightstands.

First rule, when working on the space for a newly born child – keep the colors neutral, use light color palette. By adding airy feel, you will make the space look charming and comfortable, like a fluffy cloud. Keep the kid’s room theme subtle, but emphasize on pattern and texture.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to the crib mattress, you don’t have to say goodbye to the storage cases or the look you love, because many of the cribs are easily transformed to “grow” with your child. The converter rails transform the crib into a full size bed, extending the life of the designed youth bedroom and the collection long past the baby years.

To avoid chaos in this gorgeous room, be sure to have all the things needed within reach and use any available functionality to the full extent. Without disregarding the use of dressers and chests and any available cubbies and hooks, you can organize the space with the quick access to all the stuff needed for you as a parent and for your little cutie.

Another essential advice – try to use less babyish in the room design first. Sophisticated nursery space is a new modern trend. Further still, your kid will use this room when growing up and it will get transformed while the little one grows. Think from a perspective that your kid will enjoy the room from the very first day and for years to come! Invest into a room an adult would love, and then sprinkle with the things your baby will like and adore.

Important tip: Thinking about the baby, don’t forget about the parent! As good old saying has it: If Mom isn’t happy, nobody’s going to be happy. Besides the nursery essentials, like crib, changing table, bedding, storage and babyish items for decoration, think about having glider, comfortable accent chair or rocking chair, as well as the rug for walking barefoot around and feeling as happy as a child when treated with care and love! The last few we’ve mentioned are often just missed when planning a nursery, but so very much needed when missed! Stay with us, and never miss a good advice and inspirations we share!

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