Mid-century modern and retro style never get old actually. That is because classic items like teak consoles, vintage accessories, mid-century minimalistic furniture pieces, hanging chairs add charm and character to modern spaces. 2019 welcomes “the comeback” of retro and the middle of 20th century style. To add even more, a mix of decorative styles from different eras is one of the secrets of professional designers. Why not arming yourself with this secret trick?

Undoubtedly, it does not mean one should spend a fortune to infuse the home exceptionally with retro style. Few tasteful furniture sets in style, or couple of accents and decorative spots or several vintage finds from a flea market will give a room that stylish wow-effect of modern world, without sacrificing the home warmth and coziness. To help you get the gist of the style, the FurnitureCart collected few inspirations today.

Why mid-century and retro are gaining back the popularity? It’s definitely based on many factors. Gentle organic curves and clean lines, a love for different materials and pure nostalgia are the main reasons playing the part. It walks hand in hand with top-famous minimalism, still having the charm of good old days.

Mixing furniture and decorative accents from different periods is a great way to personalize a space. If you are up to add few mid-century touches to any room, occasional tables, accent chairs or other accent furniture pieces might work the best for a living room, gossip bench or retro style bench – in the entryway. Play with colors and patterns characterizing the past periods, they add extra timeless flair.

Nothing transforms a dining space or mixed-use family room like a chic, vintage sideboard, accent cabinet or console. The best part? With the modern design, provided by reliable manufacturers, it is the unique piece to impress, as well as to store different stuff.

In the entryway, a vintage sideboard or a cabinet makes a great landing strip with concealed storage. In the living room, dining room or even in the stylish home bar, it can hide liquor and drinkware while displaying photos, books, memories and souvenirs.

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