Accent and occasional furniture is just the one standing out, as it definitely is that special furniture that complements the home decor. Emphasize and re-accent again your nest with the newcomers to the FurnitureCart.

It’s no wonder a piece of accent furniture being called that goes beyond just common functionality. Gorgeous accent chairs or outstanding occasional furniture in your home may bring that special zest, letting it call your house and home. These pieces are mostly used due to the decorative value above all other considerations. A piece may not even have any practical function, but it serves to draw the eye and create a bit of excitement either with the furniture design or an accent color.

Add some drama with the accent furniture by our newcomer – the Meridian Furniture. This manufacturer knows good how to impress with the intricate details and make a statement in any room of the house. Whether the geometry and clean lines or sophisticated traditional elements, graceful metal details, you will fall in love with these pieces.

When bringing an accent piece into your living or working space, there are various ways to go about it. It might be a good idea to splurge here and there, depending on the kind of accent you need. The occasional tables by Meridian Furniture are just a perfect focal point to be used in a living room, family room, bedroom and even office lounge room. Mirror and metal, elegant airy details bring a tone of exquisiteness to the spacious urban spaces and do their good service in the small spaces.

Let’s get to the very first space you enter, when coming back home – entryway. With any of the accent benches from the variety offered by Meridian Furniture, you will set the character for the rest of your home. Believe our home designers, it is just the right place for using accent piece. Play with the color or hue that shows off the character straight away from the very first step into your house.

Bring in even more light and beauty into your home with another accent – mirror. It might as well be a functional piece, except just being an adornment in your bedroom or hallway. Accent mirrors are ‘a must have’ in the small or dumpy spaces, as they reflect light (both the natural light from the window, and artificial evening lights).

Chairs are very often used as accent pieces. When selecting an accent chair, opt for one with an outstanding upholstery or design, or a color that bowls over. In interior design, it is known that mixing two very different styles can create amazing results. So, be brave to use a different style of an accent chair from the rest of your furniture for a greater contrast: if the rest of your furniture is traditional, try bringing in a modern chair, or vice-versa.

Last, but not least – ottoman. Believe us, it works as a splendid accent piece. Especially, if it is the ottoman by the Meridian Furniture. Both an ottoman and a bench are great accent pieces of furniture to have on hand in case you ever need extra seating. Being versatile they can go in many different places such as in an entryway, at the foot of a bed, as part of a living room arrangement, in a dining room or even in a hallway. Stay with Furniture Cart, stay creative and make your house a home that you adore!

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