It is never inappropriate to redo any of the rooms into pure white. Whether you’d like to make it white for the snowy holiday season or you want to make a small room look airy, or being tired of the previous palette you’d like to make it an inspiring place and refresh your heart, mind and home.

No prize for guessing, keeping a room white and neutral makes a smaller space feel large, a dark room feel bright, airy and open. This trend has the army of fans and it has plenty of advantages. Still, if poorly done, it might look tasteless and monotonous. The FurnitureCart team is here to bring you few indispensable advice to keep your home elegant and tasteful.

The first essential step to any awesome neutral room is picking the right furniture. Speaking of a living room, pick the right couch, loveseat and accent furniture to complement the white walls. While the linen sectionals or living room set are remaining white, you should opt for accent pieces in reclaimed or warm-toned wood and leave space for splashes of texture and color (pillows and fluffy rugs, for instance).

In a bedroom, when your color is limited to white, you have a variety of options to take the wow factor with a dramatic touch, like the elegant canopy bed. Even without the canopy drapes, this room has that spectacular look. Metal-and-mirror details, as well as silver, add the touch of pure glamour that fits the harmony of the all-white room.

This living room set only lacks the gorgeous Christmas tree for the winter season mood. A white-washed room with neutral-color furniture does not mean that you have to give up all color. Sprinkle in few pops of color that give a stunning effect to the room. Moreover, the white room has a huge advantage in this case – while changing the bright decorative elements, visually it will look as if the whole room has been changed (as an example – if you change deep blue hues of vase and patterned pillows for, say, orange decorative accessories and pillows).

Actually, white comes in hundreds of shades. When picking the right color of white to paint the room and chose the furniture, pay particular attention to the light: rooms with a lot of natural light will give off a warm tone – in this case opt for a cool shade of white with a blue or grey base to balance the hues. A smaller, and often artificially lit room (no matter whether bedroom or dining room) benefits from warmer, beige or cream-toned whites.

Finally, let artwork and decorative stuff shine bright. One of the best ways to show off your beloved piece of art or the collection of rare paintings and decorative accessories, is creating the white canvas of the room. The spotlight is on it, but still the room feels inviting and comfortable in the white hues, bringing the long-needed tranquility and the feeling at home.

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