Black is classy, bold, elegant and timeless. Using the shade liberally when decorating or picking the furniture is anything but dull and depressing. For your inspiration, the FurnitureCart team has collected these ideas to share how black can play the main part in your space.

The Wave Bedroom Set by J&M Furniture is alluring and inviting. An impressive design of curvature and arches, all in black. The overall room decor is placing greater focus on the shades and tones of black. The design of furniture is chic enough to provide exclusivity, yet the lustrous design adds a subtle touch of elegance. The Wave bed is sure to demand instant attention when entering the bedroom. Moreover, you have plenty of options to change the bedding seasonally, or just when inspired, and change the entire mood of the space.

Using the color black adds a focal point that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room – no matter whether bedroom, living room or dining room. If you are up to get real drama and spark, pair black with white. Timeless color dyad works to impress and make a statement. The perfect mix of velvet and stainless steel comes to life in the space with the Julian Collection by Meridian Furniture. Upholstered in rich, sumptuous-to-the-touch velvet to make a fashionable statement in your space, and add the deep tone of classy black. The stainless steel trim around the base adds to its glitzy visual appeal together with the black velvet.

The Aida Bedroom Collection by ESF Furniture offers a perfect way of brining a classic European design to the traditionally decorated bedroom. Sleek black surfaces of this set, together with sparkling ornate details, are stunning.

The use of black and white in decorating and furniture pieces gives a fresh, clean, and undoubtedly sophisticated and elegant look to the room.

Contemporary interiors often combine black with sleek metals. Whether shiny mirror surfaces or metal details and accessories, the furniture finished in black with glam touch or sleek contemporary/minimalist touches captures hearts. The D2056 Dining Room Set by Global Furniture features contemporary dining room style employing geometric shapes, perfect for urban set at home.

The contemporary style Brachium Bedroom Collection by Furniture of America makes use of the LED light trim on the headboard and dresser mirror, adding a tasteful sense of convenience for your nightly reading and make-up routine. While the TV Wall Unit in black by JM Furniture is gorgeous both in design and lighting. The Cloud TV Wall Unit, featured here, comes in exciting Black High Gloss color, contrasting with white, as well as with the LED lights.

Deep, dark color schemes can give any room weight, depth and a surprisingly calming atmosphere.

Black in accessories, light fixtures, accents or in one bold piece of furniture will help to catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. The shiny and rich chrome plated stainless steel bases with circles gracing all four sides of each table, and a sleek black glass table tops of the Brooke Collection by Meridian Furniture are gorgeous focal spots, providing room for storage and display of the selected items. In such cases, black serves as an outline that sets off specific areas or objects. Black by itself is striking, we have to confess.

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