Say no to boring decor, refresh the look of your home with colorful furniture. The bright and vibrant colors can change you interior and set the mood with healthy and beautiful atmosphere for any particular room. Inspire emotions, create your own universe and we are here to give you few ideas on the moods main colors bring to your dwelling place. Ready for a colorful journey with FurnitureCart?

Blue color is famous one in any shades. It reflects an easy, calm and comfortable lifestyle. White-blue combo tunes the coastal vibe, moreover it is a relief for the warmer climate. Blue-grey shades are a trend for last few years – no wonder, it brings due style and comfort. If the space needs some warmth, add some honey finishes, warm red or orange, earth tones.

Greens are about energy. Nature touch and freshness are guaranteed by the green hues. Furthermore, the emeralds are deep and reviving. Family homes with green hues correlate with the kids’ vibrancy. If you want it fresh and natural – pair it with white and brown, if bright – deep pinks and blues, or just go into vivid and lush green.

If the place suffers from the lack of sun rays, opt for sunshine colors. Yellow tones boost mood and make the atmosphere joyous and youthful. On top of that, yellow is a color that works best in team with other colors. It works great as an accent and the color splash in a dull neutral room. If you are still up to total renovation of the interior, take yellow with creamy shade for the walls or choose the paint that has a chalky finish.

Pinks are tender, livable and sophisticated. For a room of little princess think about confectionary pinks, reminding of cotton candies and bubble gums. To suit grown-up tastes, it is better to look into the pinks found in nature, like spring flowers in bloom or the sunset pink. Tired of good old blue, grey and pink set of colors? Try to use more of coral pink, and dilute it gently with the orange pieces and accessories.

Another color of sunshine, orange, creates the mood in your room. If lemon hues are bringing happiness, warm orange ones are simply welcoming. For a traditional and more serious rooms brownish orange is preferable. Cozy atmosphere in the rooms is gained by pairing vivid orange with earthy tones and deep brown furniture. Soft peach orange is also an option for a feminine room.

Reds are for daring and fearless persons. If you have made a decision to go with red, then all the other pieces shall have the same level of intensity. Strict and sophisticated dyads include white, black, grey together with red. We recommend not to go at once into the plain red, look into lighter, deeper and brownish. The last two will look more sophisticated in a room.

Purple is underestimated, it deserves the due honor. Mostly considered to be childish or haught, It’s just the matter of hues: whispery and restraint in tones purple is gentle and appealing. It is still not a color for bathrooms and kitchens, so better avoid it in those rooms. Play with patterns, purple tone spectrum and texture in any of the other rooms. Without that it will get dull with time.

Well, we have to confess that neutrals are never boring, though seem to be when one thinks about them. Cozy and warm camel brown usually works with many other bright colors. The palette of neutrals will never get old, it is always modern and classic. You can always add splashes of any bright color to make it look slightly different. Even in the frames of the neutral hues you will create a good chord of colors, – caramel brown, creamy and wood look sophisticated and pleasant.

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