Healthy spine and a good sleep are worth a lot in our life. A new mattress plays a huge part in this, so it’s an important purchase that deserves few things to consider beforehand. 

It is not only about the comfort during the nighttime. After a good night’s sleep in your lovely bedroom, promoted by a supportive and comfortable mattress, you will be more active during the day, both physically and mentally. No magic, just a rule of healthy and successful living. So, if you are about to make a purchase of your new mattress, let us arm you with key points before you click “Add To Cart” button on

① Know The Size

Are you sure that you’d like to stay with your good old queen bed? Or maybe you better upgrade to king bed? Here’s the useful at-a-glance reminder to see the measurements of the mattresses to fit typical set of beds.

② Firmness Levels

Memory foam mattresses are excellent for body. The best choice to cushion sore joints or aching muscles. Though they can be hot, and actually, aren’t very romance-friendly.

– The most common are innerspring mattresses. The budget-friendly solution, the traditional mattresses provide good support and a range of firmness measurements. Definitely romance-friendly. On the other hand, the durability is slightly lower. (See below the table of Mattress Lifespans)

– Hybrid mattresses combine springs with a foam overlay. A good hybrid mattress takes advantages of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses, but good ones appear to be not the cheapest from the row. On the upside, it is a good investment, as they last long, and are romance-friendly due to their structure.

For how long should I sleep?

Does it seem like you are tired after a long-lasting sleep? Are you sure that 4 hours are enough? The best way to check is by the end of your vacation. When your body finally “pays out” the sleep debt (those sleepless nights that you’ve been collecting from Christmas), go to bed before midnight and wake up with no alarm set. Count the hours – bingo! It’s your ideal sleep “amount”. Compare to average Sleep Duration table (according to age) in the section of Bedding Basics above.

③ Which To Choose?

The way you sleep is the answer. It’s your comfort index. The primary pose of your sleep (when you jump or crawl into bed) should not be the considered as the key. The unconscious postures of your body during the night sleep matter! Medium-to-firm mattresses are good for spine, so these are the best solutions for the persons, who prefer sleeping on their backs. Love to cuddle, curl up in a ball or sleep on a side? Go for soft-to-medium mattresses. Definitely look for firm mattress if you love sleeping on your stomach.

No, They Differ!

Not all of the mattresses are the same. Take a look inside of the structure and you will see the way one differs from another. See the obvious benefits.

Did You Know?.. that a day nap is a recharger for your body. Don’t hesitate to jump into your daybed, if you have a chance. But the dosage should be right for you. Usually, it takes in average 10 to 30 minutes to recharge your batteries, while more than an hour sleep will only increase a fatigue.

Save the tables and our tips to keep at hand when making a decision on the purchase. Stay inspired while creating your dream bedroom with FurnitureCart!

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