Blue furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. From traditional to contemporary and modern, to everything in between, blue is the color that spans across styles and designs like no other. FurnitureCart investigates today the reasons why this color has been holding the leading positions in the color chart for decades.

What is obvious, this color is next to neutrals, and decorating with the blue tones is still the same soothing, but less boring. So, whether your tastes turn to bright and bold, or soft and subtle, the blue decor and design ideas in any room are sure to provide ample inspiration.

Rich and deep blue tones of the furniture play dramatic role in the spacious and gorgeous living rooms. If you opt for the dark side of the blue, use contrast as the key. By means of bright contrast, the dark blues do not depress the space, and the living room has a light and airy feeling due to use of white and cream.

One more reason to give due respect to this color is in the fact blue is calming and reminds of the sea and sky. In the living area, it is highly recommended to use at least few accents or artworks including blue. It has that magic soothing effect drastically needed in the sitting rooms.

Light tones of a blue tide create a breezy retreat, reminding of lightsome beach days. In case you love this idea, it is better to use watery blues with sandy neutrals to increase the effect. No wonder this tone is used in the outdoor furniture upholstery by numerous furniture brands.

Beach style is often thought of as casual, but it definitely depends on the furniture design used. It could be chic, tasteful and used in many of styles from mid-century modern to minimalist. What is more, light colors are ideal both for open, airy spaces and for small spaces.

If you love crisp and sophisticated living room in transitional style, you can get exactly what you want by using darker shades of blue combines with the rich wood. The richness and character of warm wooden tones and chocolate browns beautifully enhances the blue tones and indulges with the due coziness. When combined with the few neutral colors we result in both striking and sophisticated look.

Dark and moody blue combined with metal accents and mirror-shine details creates the cosmopolitan chic and brings modern flair to any living or dining room. Armed with the modern trends, the room design becomes both modern and timeless. Due to the fact, that one of the trends for 2019 is tending more into velvets and velours, we recommend to opt for the gorgeous ideas, bringing your neighbors and guests to jaw-dropping effect.

Well, we reckon that today our team has given you few more reasons to love the tones of blue even more. Additionally, it is the color of Furniture Cart, the color which we find appealing and gorgeous, full of energy that will undoubtedly bring the positive vibes to any room of your house and home.

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